Bulls & Bears is a company that manages trading accounts in the financial markets where we manage our own capital and investor’s capital with us. The company has certain criteria that it sets for accepting new investors. Since 2017, we have accumulated experiences and knowledge in the stock market in order to build profitable strategies, and our experience in global trade and markets since 2011 has helped to refine our knowledge and professionalism in the currency markets.

  • Managing accounts of foreign exchange trading platforms (Forex)
  • Providing technical and financial advice in the money market (within the plan)
  • Conducting basic and intermediate training courses in the fields of currency and stock markets
  • Portfolio Managment in the Stock Market

Our company has two accounts for trading in two different strategies:

  • Trading in currencies of the highly developed countries and specifically the currencies of the seven countries that have political and economic stability (the US dollar, the pound sterling, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, the New Zealand dollar, the Australian dollar, and the euro) and our company does not trade the currencies of developing countries or Emerging economies.

  • Trading in US, British and European indices in addition to gold, oil and silver.

Before entering the trading market, you must consider the extreme importance that this market is volatile and carries significant risks that may lose you a large part of your capital or perhaps your entire capital at worst.

Therefore, our company advises investors wishing to enter take this seriously, and our company advises investors to enter this market with capital that does not affect their financial security or lifestyle.

In order to enter this market, you have to:

  1. Open a trading account with the brokerage company you wish. ( of your choice )
  2. To sign the account management authorization contract and sign the disclaimer
  3. Provide the company with trading account data(info) only in order to link the account with the company’s account
  4. Pay the monthly subscription (fee) that will be specified for you based on your capital

There are many but not all brokerage companies that allow Yemenis from Yemen to open there, there are a few companies that allow this to be consulted on accredited and licensed brokerage companies that allow Yemenis to open their shops account from Yemen.

You can contact us to learn more about this.

or you can click here to open an account

If you are in Yemen there are difficulties facing investors as a result of the current situation in the country but there are other ways you can use it for this purpose. You can contact us to help you with this.

If you are outside Yemen, you can feed your trading account in a number of ways, either by bank transfer, visa, MasterCard, online banks such as Skrill, Paypal, Neteller or other transfer methods provided by the brokerage firm.

You should keep in mind that the brokerage company does not allow it to be withdrawn from your account to any other account from which it has not been deposited unless you have added another deposit method. To learn more, you can contact our customer service as well as inquire about all of this from the brokerage company’s customer service that will open the account with them.

No… Our company does not have any authority and does not require those powers we only use trading account data which we link to our accounts. You are the only one authorized to deposit, withdraw and transfer from your account only so we advise you not to give your account login data to anyone you do not trust.

No… Our company does not accept funds or any transfers to its own account we only manage your trading account.

The risk ratio is high and may reach the loss of a large percentage of capital or capital in the worst cases because we trade through the leverage (Margin) to achieve maximum benefit and this involves risk, knowing that we use the lowest volumes to trade and we have capital management and good risk management but the risk remains.

Yes… You have the right to withdraw all your money in your trading account anytime you like. However, you should inform the company well before that. To learn more, you can contact our customer service.

Our company targets 5% to 10% of profits per month that may increase or decrease from month to month.

The investor receives 70% of the net profit per month that is shown through the monthly statement he receives directly from The Brokerage Company.

Yes, you can follow all the deals that are done on your platform permanently, whether on the phone or the laptop.

Yes, you can do that, and the company will stop trading on your account based on an official request submitted to the company.

Company policy prohibits communication with anyone who does not own the account and will not interact with anyone else.

The company policy maintains privacy and this is one of our most important priorities so no one can know our clients or their identity or their trading account.

No … the company is trading with its own money as well, meaning that what is happening on its funds is done on the rest of the investors ’accounts

In this market you can start with any amount you like, but the small amounts cannot resist the slightest fluctuation that occurs in the market, so it is preferable that the capital is not small until it faces price fluctuations in the market.

Here, the matter depends on you and your study of the size of your capital and the amount of the amount that you wish to enter in this market.

Since the company has a special trading strategy, the company does not accept less than 20000 USD or more in the account to manage and has to be divided in two accounts, and no upper limit.

The company has a risk management strategy adopted three years ago, but that does not mean it is the optimal strategy because the stock market is volatile and affected by almost everything. (which is updated from time to time to fit market).

The company does not provide any guarantees because the currency market does not provide guarantees.

Company policy does not allow this.

Yes, you are welcome to visit us, which is our pleasure to book an appointment through the company’s website.

You can communicate with the company during the official working hours of the company from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm through the approved means of communication for the company. Except on Saturday and Sunday.

You can also book the company’s consulting services through the company’s website.

With the beginning of the second day of each month, the brokerage firm issues the monthly statement in the first minute of the month.

The monthly subscription is transferred at the beginning of each month, provided that it does not exceed the third day of the month in order to avoid separating your trading account from the company’s accounts.

Capital management is the most important priority that an investor must think about properly and that it differs from one person to another. The company avoids interfering with the investor’s privacy, but it may provide him with appropriate advice in the event that he requests that through the company’s website where he reserves a consulting service through which we can get to know more. On the wishes of the investor and provide the appropriate advice. We also leave him the freedom to make decisions in the consultations that we give him.